I've got nothing else to give.


is it from the rays of sun in front of me
i can feel a fever strong
it’s coming on
it’s as if i’m floating
oh i’m on a cloud
every time i see you hang around

heat wave

i know life’s a joke
wanna be close to you
couldn’t really care
so what you wanna do
need to touch you
oh i wanna feel the warm
could this be for real
are you just make believe

heat wave

i can feel a fever oh
it’s comin’ on

one of my fav things of the year making more music.

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Billie Jean

Billie Jean


Tetsuo: The Iron Man

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My Sleater-Kinney pandora station has pretty much hit girl rock perfection at work. Hole, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Lush, Karen O.


Daisies <3 

one of my favorites. <3

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plan on watching this gem this week.

Finally downloading every Simpsons episode to my hard drive. 90gb of pure bliss.

GIRL – Bodies (0 plays)
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