I've got nothing else to give.

My Sleater-Kinney pandora station has pretty much hit girl rock perfection at work. Hole, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Lush, Karen O.


Daisies <3 

one of my favorites. <3

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plan on watching this gem this week.

Finally downloading every Simpsons episode to my hard drive. 90gb of pure bliss.

GIRL – Bodies (0 plays)

Some Girls on BBC is such a cool show.

Sailor Mercury, the MageSailor Mars, the Ranger


Sailor Mercury, the Mage
Sailor Mars, the Ranger

I don’t deserve to be down here
But I’ll never leave
And  I’ve learned one thing
You can’t escape the beast
In the null and void pit
of failure

one of my favorite songs.

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